Digital Samizdat

Digital, nowadays, refers to the culture that has emerged from the massive use of computers and networks.

Samizdat / самиздат means in self-publication in Russian and was used to name the dissident activity of creating, printing and distributing underground and censored printed matter.

Digital Samizdat is an ongoing photographic project initiated by Mathieu Bujnowskyj and Louis Malachane. It represents for them the liberating act of producing, editing, and assembling images together to create visual stories in the digital age. All the images are produced, edited and published by them with analog and digital cameras, phones, tablets and scanners. They are the result of their field trips, personal interests and researches, mainly articulated around architectural and landscape photography in an urban context.
They travel together, most of the time, and are on the lookout for remote places with a strong aesthetic : deconstruction or construction, fragmentation, disappearance, self-vandalism, disasters, ruins and remains. Locations loaded with ideological, economic or political significance are their favourite.

The small visual stories they produce are time conscious and try to read in the present positive or negative markers of history : an archaeological delight, searching for the sublime. They have a particular fascination for the ruins of the Eastern Bloc, the last empire.

Utopias, wastelands, ruins and otherworldly locations are their playgrounds.

Started first as a personal project aside our main studies, their photographic activity is in a slow but constant professionalization process since 2009.

© Louis Malachane
2020 - Paris, FR